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I have had several of my subscribers ask how to develop income online with low, or even no budget.  Well to be sure it is a long and arduous process.  However, it is doable if you use the top 10 safelists.

The old saying is that you need money to make money.  That is never more true than on the internet.  Paid advertising is just that.  Paid.  It gets results and sometimes very quickly.  It can, if not done correctly, be bank breaking.  Do not shy away from learning how to do it, but learn how to target your ads and control you budget.

One way I found to attract traffic to your offers is to use Safelists.  Particularly the Top 10 Safelists.  These are websites that allow you to send emails to their members and post banner and text ads on the site.  Most of them offer a free membership to get you started.  Many offer free credits to get you on your way.  However, once you go through those credits, you have replenish they go to keep going.

Again, there is a free option to do this called, “Ad surfing”.  Most of the Top 10 Safelists offer this option.  What you do is agree to receive emails, and when you open them, you can accumulate credits to use when you want to email to them.  It can be very tedious and time consuming, but if you have time on yours hands, it can be effective.

Most of them will ask you for a “Contact” email and a “Email or Ads” email address.  If they do you should go to the free email services, especially the Top 10 Safelists  an get TWO new email accounts to be used for this purpose.  DO NOT use your personal email account.  Your will be flooded with emails that will choke your regular account.  Most of them recommend that you get these accounts from Gmail, but Yahoo and Hotmail will work for this purpose.  Always use the same account for Contact and the other for the ads mail.

When you get ads to the ads email, surf the ones with ADS in the subject line.  When you open the message, look for a link that says something like “Click Here For Credit”.  You will be re-directed to view the offer.  There will be a countdown timer that lasts from 10-20 seconds.  If you exit before the time is up, you will not get credit. (TIP, you can open 8-10 at the same time in different windows, and by the time you get back to the first the timer will have expired)

There are hundreds of Safelists out there and you cannot join them all.  Below I have a list of the Top Ten compiled by an industry publication.  They are rated in various categories to achieve their overall rating.  As a new member, you will be hit with offers after offer to upgrade or buy credits.  If you want to work free, you will have to pass on these.

Good luck,

Drew Stiebeling

ps, the list is in no particular order

Click on the name to go directly to the site.

List Joe
Email Hog
State of the Art Mailer
Fast Cash Mailer
Mister Safelist
Max Mailer Pro
List Adventure
The Lead Magnet

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