A New kind of Income Model… Work from home Ideas.

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A New kind of Income Model… Work from home Ideas.

Complete Business in a Box

As 2015 cruises in on an unprecedented rise in work from home ideas and consumer information products.   With the rise of social media consumption/usage, there are a few hardcore market observations that must be acknowledged— and, some pretty exciting implications to note.  The fast ways to make money are still out there but they will look a little different.
  1. As is, the affiliate product launch model will give way to a more personal relationship-based model in 2015.
  2. The word at ground level is that (as typical in human nature) there’ll be an increase in demand for done-for-you services/products.  These will be the best way to make money fast.
  3. The emergence of new social media platforms will decrease, as we saw an explosion of these events between 2011 and 2012. Instead, there will be an explosion of offerings in closely related markets (think Google+ Hangouts).
  4. Even free-traffic wizards will feel a slight sting as paid traffic increasingly becomes more of a reality. It can still be done— it just won’t be as easy/relevant as before.
  5. Video marketing will become even more popular than it already is. And, if anything ever happened at Youtube (think: Netflix), there are so many “under-explored” video platforms waiting with open doors for the new traffic.
  6. Sorry, product launches will continue to be a pain.
Now for those dynamic Implications I promised:
If you speak to individuals, such as yourself, who were involved in a particular movement— whether it be the super affiliate market of today, civil rights of the 60’s, or the race to the moon- they’ll tell you that it was hard to see exactly how important the movement was when they were on the verge of the new dawn…

If 2013 calls for building personal relationships with clients and partners, it sweeps open the door for you to gain brand traction in new social and economic circles.

This brand traction will bring about short and long-term sustainability in the shifting market!

Old and New Clients will be willing to put their dollars behind their demand for these premium services and products. And for good reason— after all, they are seeking the best. It’s up to you (and your partners, if you’d like) to set the standard.

As remnants of market events up through 2014 fades away, early adopters are presented with an exciting opportunity in 2015 to “design” a new product launch market. Without the pain of yesterday. Here’s how: CLICK HERE

This is a powerful program that will help you “re-fire” your brand in a dynamic way to gain/maintain position continuity early on in the game.
Our program is designed to energize and expand an already healthy revenue portfolio by:
  • Adding an additional (significant) income stream to your portfolio
  • Enhancing client/partner acquisition and/or adding a new campaign
  • Incorporating the latest and greatest web tools and enhancing audience reach
  • Getting and/or keeping partners/clients excited about you and your brand
  • Enhancing synergistic relationships between you and your partners In addition, it provides:
  • An incentive cycle to encourage purchase upgrades
  • A paradigm shift for those who want to improve revenue health
  • Early adoption long-term benefits and exciting implications
  • A dynamic social platform for business professionals
    In plain English, you’ll create sustainability for your brand, gain another significant income model and have fun doing it. Become an early market leader and lead on!
To see the program in action, please contact me at (804) 380-5361 or, email  Put “Need More Information” in the subject line.
My sincere thanks for your time and attention and l look forward to speaking with you.
Best Regards,

Drew Stiebeling

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